Bedroom Ideas

These bedrooms all have one thing in common...
A solid cover bedspread with only a few bold, symmetrically-placed pillows.
I love it all.
This is my favorite. I think I got it from Desire to Inspire.

I especially love the bolster pillow and the chair.
Design by Amie Weitzman.
I've been holding onto this child's room photo (from Family Circle magazine) for months and finally scanned it so I don't lose it.

Wouldn't it be fun inspiration for Belle's room? And, with only a couple of decorative pillows, she might actually make her bed...


Ekko Mobiles

Matt Richards, my high school friend and former back-door neighbor in Texas, creates beautiful mobiles at his company, Ekko Mobiles.

I must own one (or two, or three!) for my home.

Here's a favorite:It's called Leaves. Wouldn't it be perfect hanging in the corner of a bedroom?

It's always fun to see where life takes people. In high school, Matt was into all things sports cars. And, now only twelve years later, he has a successful career as a talented artist and entrepreneur.


Pretty Playroom Storage

My sister, Ali, is redecorating her playroom. I wish I lived closer so I could help. Since I don't, I'll just supply ideas. Here's a great storage area around a window from The Land of Nod. I think it wouldn't be hard to make it cheaper with items from Target or Ikea. I love the colors too.


Urban Life

Someday, I hope to live in the middle of a big city. I'm not giving up that dream.
Wouldn't it be fabulous to live here in Chicago?
We took this photo from a boat while on an architectural tour.


Kitchen Beauty

Isn't this kitchen by David Netto Design just so calming? I love the simple black and white color scheme, especially the subway tile and the sink. The green accents bring such a fresh, earthy touch. This is the look I want in my to-be-remodeled-someday bathroom.


Simplicity in modern design

I know many people really don't like modern design but what's not to love about these gorgeous rooms found on Desire to Inspire!?

I love the wall color (Domino by Dulux) and the table and chairs.
Hmmm... Where could I use that color in my home...Love the black trim on the window. When I redo my master room, it will have simple white bedding, with two (or one long) bold pillows. The walls will have a few carefully chosen photos from our Italy trip last summer. Photos like these...
Can you find me in the photo?