White Kitchens

I know I've posted about them in the past but I just love, love, love white kitchens right now. Here are a few images that inspire me.
I fell in love with the designs throughout this home when I toured it during the Parade of Homes last summer. It is the home of Hyrum Bates, who is an amazing designer. My photos don't do it justice so visit his website to see the kitchen in full view.
Love this door off of Hyrum's kitchen to the backyard.
This is one of my favorites too. Feels like a little bit traditional but a little bit modern too.
Love the bold color, the monogrammed chair covers, and the whimsical details. So inviting and fun. via DesignMom.
Gorgeous. And, it has a mobile from my old high school friend, Matt Richards.

I love little nooks and this toile patterned one from last year's home show was beautiful.
Love the combo of chairs and benches along the gorgeous windows. I'd want to eat breakfast here every day.
Love the laboratory feeling of this kitchen.

Love the light blue color paired with the white and gray.
via A Room Somewhere.

Horribly, I can't source all of these photos and ideas. Some I've had for months. I'll try to source the ones I remember.

Projects on my list

When will I make the time to create these cute, useful things?Belle has the perfect pair of jeans that are too worn out in the knees but would be perfect in a skirt.
I'm hoping to make a few of these nursing covers for me and a few moms-to-be.

Two-Story Houses

Maybe it's my East Coast and Midwest upbringing, but I have a love for two-story houses. My dream home definitely has a second floor.

Here are a few beauties I saw recently while in the Harvard-Yale area of SLC.

Sugar City Journal

I've got design on the mind so be prepared for a plethora of my favorites that I've been meaning to post for quite some time.

The ladies over at Sugar City Journal are full of ideas. Here are a few that I love:
Really fun idea for a stairway. Can't tell in the photo above but the design on the steps includes small photos of members of the woman's family.
I love the little cafe curtain on the cabinet. It inspires me for my kids' small kitchen remodel that has been put on the back burner with the pregnancy.
I really can't ever get enough of Amy Butler's Full Moon Polka fabric in every color. It's featured here on the table runner. I love the simple centerpiece. The kids would love to put it together and would get a kick out of the miniature things in it.
Green is my favorite color. I love it in this room. The bed has been transformed into art using Little Red Riding Hood artwork.Love the drama of this headboard.
I am always drawn to polka dots and this bench is no exception. Beautiful!


Road Play Rugs

Wow! Almost a month since my last post. Pathetic, but inconsistency is probably what to expect from me for at least the rest of this pregnancy. Once the twins arrive, blogging as I know it will probably be even more inconsistent for a loooooong while.

We are planning to rearrange our bedroom situation so I've been thinking about Simon and Max's new shared room. They both love cars, trucks, motorcycles, or anything else that transports people or stuff. I think we're going to buy them one of these play rugs for their new room.
This one is probably my favorite (sorry about the white space around the images - don't know how to fix it). The 3'x5'ish rug is sold for $49 on JustKidsRugs.com. I love the parking spaces, many intersections, etc. The possibilities seem endless.Max's favorite thing is Cars (as in the movie, Cars). This one would be fun too. It's around 3.5'x4.5' and is $22 on Walmart.com.
This 3'x7' rug is $48 at HodgePodgeGames.com.
This Giant Road Carpet seems fun too and could fit easily into different spaces since it is the size of a runner. It is 2'x7' and is $55 (but comes with the vehicles and signs shown) on Highlights.com.