Road Play Rugs

Wow! Almost a month since my last post. Pathetic, but inconsistency is probably what to expect from me for at least the rest of this pregnancy. Once the twins arrive, blogging as I know it will probably be even more inconsistent for a loooooong while.

We are planning to rearrange our bedroom situation so I've been thinking about Simon and Max's new shared room. They both love cars, trucks, motorcycles, or anything else that transports people or stuff. I think we're going to buy them one of these play rugs for their new room.
This one is probably my favorite (sorry about the white space around the images - don't know how to fix it). The 3'x5'ish rug is sold for $49 on JustKidsRugs.com. I love the parking spaces, many intersections, etc. The possibilities seem endless.Max's favorite thing is Cars (as in the movie, Cars). This one would be fun too. It's around 3.5'x4.5' and is $22 on Walmart.com.
This 3'x7' rug is $48 at HodgePodgeGames.com.
This Giant Road Carpet seems fun too and could fit easily into different spaces since it is the size of a runner. It is 2'x7' and is $55 (but comes with the vehicles and signs shown) on Highlights.com.


Ann said...

i had a friend who bought a huge piece of canvas and designed her own. it was so cute! although not really a sturdy rug as it was just canvas. But then it was something that she could take out and put away when wanted. i love those rugs-think they're so adorable!

coreyandseth said...

hey there! jacob has a car rug and he loves it. we can roll it up and store it under the train table. it's great. be careful if you are storing on a wood floor. i've heard that the backing gets stuck to a wood floor if left in teh same spot over a period of time. (i don't think you have wood floors int he bedrooms though). where is belle going? will she share with the twins?