A Bigger Kitchen Remodel

I'm not one to frequent yard sales but a perk to early Saturday morning runs is sometimes, I spot the PERFECT little something at a fresh yard sale. Such was my luck on Saturday when I found this little cream hutch and stove.

I stopped and asked the woman how much they wanted for the hutch.
Really nice woman: "We're asking $10 but we're willing to take less if you think that's too much." (not much of a negotiator)
Me, trying to hold in my shock: "Um. That's fine." (not much of a negotiator either)
Really nice woman: "We have a stove too for $7."
Me, still trying to sound normal: "Um.... I'll take them both."
Then, I hurried home to get the kids and the car. I had to get back before someone else discovered she's asking barely anything for such cute things!
They are perfect with our first kitchen purchase on the right. After we refinish all three pieces, we'll have a cute little kitchen set for $29 plus supplies! And, the hutch came with a surprise: it was filled with adorable dishes, including the totally retro "Tupperware Toys" pictured in the hutch above.
Here's our inspiration from The Land of Nod.
Paint all three white with red stove knobs. Maybe green on a few accents. We have chalkboard paint we could put on the hutch doors. The hardware will be silver. I'm going to see if I can get two 13x25 scraps of linoleum for new countertops.

So fun!!


My dream craft room

Someday, my dream home includes an inspiring space where we can all create in our own ways...
Here are a few creative spaces I love:
This is Amy Butler's creative work space.
I love the idea wall and would love to post ideas and inspiration on a wall.
Another photo where you can see her idea wall.
This fabric wall would be so amazing.
Imagine a small scrap from every sewing project attached to the wall.
And, last but not least, Martha's craft room is, not surprising, perfect.
Great natural light.
Great use of otherwise useless space in an attic.
Craft supplies organized neatly and where you can see them.
If I can see my supplies, I'm more likely to use them.

Ahhh... Someday. :)


A Great Playroom

I love this playroom. The colors, the storage, the magnetic and chalkboard cabinet doors.
So fun!


Beautiful Bathrooms

I'm not a bath person but this photo really makes me want to soak in the tub while reading a great book.
When we finally remodel our upstairs bathroom in the next decade, the look will be inspired by photos like this one. Isn't it lovely?

I've had these photos for awhile and can't remember where they are from.

Apparently I love pink.

When we drove home from California last month, I convinced Jeremy that we needed a bathroom break in Primm, Nevada so that I could shop at the Williams-Sonoma outlet. :) It wasn't until I was in the checkout line that I noticed everything I had in my basket was pink.

Pink apron, towels, dishrags, soap, and potholders. But aren't they all so pretty?


A Kitchen Remodel

A friend of mine is refinishing a beautiful child-size hutch for her little girl. I felt inspired so Belle and I searched the local thrift shop for a similar project.

We found this little treasure for $12.

She and Max have grand ideas about paint colors. They've decided to paint it green. I suggested white as an accent color. Belle informed me the stove top will be black like ours upstairs. I suggested we lose the heart that reminds me of 1988. Belle wants to paint the heart red. The kids will have the final say and we'll all do it together. We already purchased new handles.

It'll be a fun little project! I'll post photos when we are done.

May this home be blessed...

We were lucky enough to have my mom visit us a few weeks ago. She and I had fun shopping and she bought this as a gift for us.
The saying on it is exactly how we feel about our home and our lives.
I love it.


Read with me

After seeing these Sarah Jane vintage-inspired prints on DesignMom, I've wanted one for Belle. You can even specify the hair color and overall color. I'd buy one in pink with blonde hair.
So precious.


Vista Pavillion

Can I just put everything in this Smith & Hawken photo in my backyard (minus the pool)?!

The tall hedge, beautifully designed paver patio, amazing furniture, tall pots with boxwoods, pergola with fabric awning. I love it all!!


I love books.

“When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.”

- Desiderius Erasmus (1465-1536)


So, it's finally spring and we have a few projects coming up... One of these projects is a walkway from our side patio to our back patio. I'd love for it to be a brick patio like this one...I love the simple, traditional design. But, the price tag will (I'm almost positive) be out of our price range.
I love the brick work here and really, the whole house and yard. But, sorry the actual brick work is hard to see in this small photo. I did, however, just start getting this magazine and it's lovely.
This photo was taken at my Aunt and Uncle's house. They did a beautiful job on a really cool concrete walkway. This would look so great and, from what we hear, is not that difficult to do.
I love the small pebbles and large stones. But, Jeremy thinks Max would have way too much fun with the small pebbles. We may, however, do something similar to this on the west side of our house where we have 1) no need for grass, and 2) need to minimize the water in the area.

Hmmm.... We'll have to see.


Anna Tunic by Amy Butler

As soon as I get a new sewing machine, this Anna Tunic by Amy Butler is one of the first projects on my list of things to make.

And, I LOVE it in the Full Moon Polka fabric. Maybe I could make one for Belle in the Cherry color...