So, it's finally spring and we have a few projects coming up... One of these projects is a walkway from our side patio to our back patio. I'd love for it to be a brick patio like this one...I love the simple, traditional design. But, the price tag will (I'm almost positive) be out of our price range.
I love the brick work here and really, the whole house and yard. But, sorry the actual brick work is hard to see in this small photo. I did, however, just start getting this magazine and it's lovely.
This photo was taken at my Aunt and Uncle's house. They did a beautiful job on a really cool concrete walkway. This would look so great and, from what we hear, is not that difficult to do.
I love the small pebbles and large stones. But, Jeremy thinks Max would have way too much fun with the small pebbles. We may, however, do something similar to this on the west side of our house where we have 1) no need for grass, and 2) need to minimize the water in the area.

Hmmm.... We'll have to see.

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