A Bigger Kitchen Remodel

I'm not one to frequent yard sales but a perk to early Saturday morning runs is sometimes, I spot the PERFECT little something at a fresh yard sale. Such was my luck on Saturday when I found this little cream hutch and stove.

I stopped and asked the woman how much they wanted for the hutch.
Really nice woman: "We're asking $10 but we're willing to take less if you think that's too much." (not much of a negotiator)
Me, trying to hold in my shock: "Um. That's fine." (not much of a negotiator either)
Really nice woman: "We have a stove too for $7."
Me, still trying to sound normal: "Um.... I'll take them both."
Then, I hurried home to get the kids and the car. I had to get back before someone else discovered she's asking barely anything for such cute things!
They are perfect with our first kitchen purchase on the right. After we refinish all three pieces, we'll have a cute little kitchen set for $29 plus supplies! And, the hutch came with a surprise: it was filled with adorable dishes, including the totally retro "Tupperware Toys" pictured in the hutch above.
Here's our inspiration from The Land of Nod.
Paint all three white with red stove knobs. Maybe green on a few accents. We have chalkboard paint we could put on the hutch doors. The hardware will be silver. I'm going to see if I can get two 13x25 scraps of linoleum for new countertops.

So fun!!

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Laura B. said...

SO DARLING! I can't wait to see how they turn out!