Girls just wanna have fun...

At least that's what we were saying before we struggled through the vinyl. We had no experience peeling vinyl and we had a few problems. But, we seemed to get the hang of it after awhile and really enjoyed chatting while we did it.

Contempo Tile donated the tiles and my sister mailed us the vinyl quotes from Atlanta. When we struggled with some of the transfer, two other women provided more vinyl to help us finish them.

The finished product. The quote says:

Once you choose hope,
anything's possible.

- Christopher Reeve

Cute mother-daughter duo, Andrea and Olivia, with one of the completed tiles.

Packaging the lotions, body washes, nail polish and chapsticks.

Many women brought their daughters to help. It was so much fun to have a mix of people. Here the girls were putting the toiletries into little cellophane bags and tying them with ribbons.

The last of us were working hard until midnight. Thanks, ladies!

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