Saving the earth one less Ziploc at a time

I want to buy my kids reusable sandwich bags for their lunch boxes. So I did a little Google search and spent waaaaaaay too long looking through options.

I think I've decided one of these at the Container Store:

But you can see others at The Might Nest, Lunchskins, Reusies, WasteNot Saks, SnackTaxi, Jaq Jaq Bird, Itzy Ritzy, Kid Konserve, Wrap-N-Mat (or here), EasyLunchBoxes.com, Goodbyn, and Lock & Lock Lunch Set.

And, this is a great blog post on Stephmodo about going trash free.

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Ann said...

my friend made her own out of raincoat material, i think it was. either way it's a great idea! i'll be in that boat soon enough.