The Power of Moms

A few months ago, I was lamenting to my friend about how I couldn't seem to get it all together. Having five little kids ages 2-8 can be a little crazy at times. She mentioned that her good friend had started using Mind Organization for Moms, which can be found on The Power of Moms.

I have implemented a few of the ideas so far (love it) and am considering attending their retreat on May 20-21 in Park City. I just learned that my friend, Emi Edgley, will be speaking at it. She'll be fabulous, as always.

The Power of Moms is dedicated "to inspire and empower you to become the mom and person you are meant to be while giving you the opportunity to help other mothers grow into the mothers they are meant to be." Sounds like something from which we can all benefit. I'm happy to see a new organization with the purpose of supporting women in their most influential role.

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