Beautiful Bookcases and Art

Love the vintage steel bookcases.

And, the large dot artwork is one I saw in a Martha Stewart Living magazine years ago. I loved it so much that I researched it at the time and discovered it to be permanently out of my price range. I had completely forgotten about it until now. I wish I could even remember the artist or name of the artwork.

Found on desire to inspire.


Travis & Amber said...

Hi Lisa-I'm Amber-one of Cami's friends from Vegas-she told me to look at your blogs-I love your style-many things I totally connect with-straight lines, classic, simple, beautiful and bright. I hope it's ok if I come and look-thanks

Lisa & Jeremy said...

Of course! I'd love your ideas too!!

If you leave me your email address, I'll send you an invite to my other blog too. That blog is going private in the next week or two.