Sewing Inspiration

Last week, my husband bought me a great new Bernina Activa 230 sewing machine. I've been so inspired to work on a whole lot of new projects from these books....
Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing has great ideas and suggestions. I'm going to make this artsy clutch on the cover with I have on hand as well as a few baby bibs for friends that are going to have babies. I think I may add a little appliqué to the bibs too.This pattern book has beautiful projects. I used their letters as a guide for a special phrase I appliquéd on a quilt for a friend. I'm planning to make their Diaper & Wipes Quick Totes and try their Bib ideas as well.
I love Amy Butler's designs and this book is no exception. I'm planning to make quite a few projects from it starting with a new pair of pajama pants made out of her Olive Lacework and Linen Full Moon Polka fabrics.
Great ideas in both of these "Last-Minute" books.
I don't have this book...yet. I really want to make that little purse on the cover but the library doesn't have the book. Guess I'll just buy it but I wanted to glance through it first.
Sew & Stow... a title and description that intrigue me. I'll have to check it out and let you know if it's as great as it seems.

Do you have any favorite sewing books or patterns?


Melanie Posell said...

Art to Heart has such fun things. One day I will own all their books. So it looks like I really do need to take you up on your offer to borrow patterns. You must have way more than me. Chad cringes every time I bring home a new project. He has this silly idea that I should finish what I have before I buy new. Isn't he crazy?

Lisa & Jeremy said...

Since when do men finish a project before they start a new one? :)

I think we should always have at least a few projects going at the same time.

As for the patterns/books, some I own and some I get from the library. Testing books before I buy them... I think Ben Franklin was brilliant. :)

Laura B. said...

How fun! now that the craft room is almost done, I'm dusting out my sewing machine.
My go-to books are any Amy Butler pattern, and Lotta Jandsotter. Easy, simple, without too much fuss.