A Cleaner Garage

I know it's silly, but I LOVE a clean garage. And our garage was far from that. Here's our recent transformation...Before: it wasn't really horrible but needed a lot of sprucing up.

We had other ideas for this cabinet (pics to come), which we inherited with the house.

The bookcase behind all of that stuff has been refinished (pics to come) for I's room and the bookcase was concealing a charming little workbench and built-in cabinetry.

Our crazy staircase couldn't fit the queen boxspring so it was stored here for the last year. When the windows were replaced this fall, we had the installers move the boxspring and that large bookcase through the opening before the new window was installed.

The dingy, cluttered cabinet area.

Looks like there was a fire at some point?! And, you can see the built-in cabinetry and workbench. Here, the stuff has been cleared out for the painting.

After: the clean, well-organized garage!!

We moved our freezer into the garage, re-organized the pegboards, and just got rid of a lot of stuff! And, now we can easily walk all the way around our cars!

All of the cute cabinetry looks fresh with a fresh coat of paint.

We paid a handyman to paint the walls and ceiling. J and I epoxied the floor one night after the kids went to bed. We used a kit from Home Depot. We did it in our last house as well. It's so easy, affordable (about $130), and makes a big difference.
In our last house, we hung tennis balls from the ceiling so we'd know where to stop the car but the kids and their friends had fun with the tennis balls and they always ended up on the ground. So, J picked these little things at Lowe's and bolted them to the ground. You can see the epoxied floor here.

One of the panes of glass was missing so I asked the window guys to cut a new piece of glass for it. Now I just need to get the paint off the cute little, crystal knobs.


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