A New Front Door

We're so excited! On Saturday, our new front door was installed. Our friend, Todd, put it in and did an amazing job. Before: The old 1950 door.

It wasn't horrible, just outdated. The style had grown on me over the last year... just not enough to still keep it. I hope it goes to a grateful new owner. I can't bear to think of it in a landfill. It has a really cool little magic window.

Now: The new 2009 door.

It brings our entryway into the 21st century. Hopefully this week, it will be painted black. I've ordered these numbers for the door too and I'm on the lookout for a modern door knocker like this (my fav so far), this (discontinued from this source) or this (probably a little too out there but cool, nonetheless).

Next, we're losing the 1950 white iron decor and replacing it with black, simple iron handrails. And, I'm looking for a new light fixture to replace our GIGANTIC brass one. It's so hideous.


coreyandseth said...

Love the new door! Can't wait to see it!!!

brooke said...

Oh I am so excited that I found this little blog of yours! Didn't know about it but will definitely be back!

Oh, love the door too.