The Make-Shift Mudroom

Our dream for this home includes an organized mudroom for all of our family's stuff. Although we don't know when this dream will become reality, we're using what we have to make our own reality now. Before...

When we moved in, this open storage was in the garage. Obviously, it was quickly filled with stuff.

When we organized the garage, we had the handyman paint it white and moved it to the covered back patio.

I bought storage containers for $4 each at Wal-mart and my sister made vinyl names for the tubs. I had her make names for: basketball, art, balls, soccer, games, safety, roller blades, garden, and sand toys.

I left 6 blank so that we can add names as we determine what we need (at least one with outdoor trucks and cars!).

This bucket has helmets and knee and elbow pads.

A year ago, Hogle Zoo sold the banners they had up all over the zoo. We bought a few for about $15 each (can't remember the exact price). Anyway, this unit turned out to be the perfect place for some of this custom art!

Budget breakdown:
storage containers - $60
custom art - $30
vinyl words - free from one generous sister!

Total for our make-shift mudroom: $90

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Bethany Christensen said...

COOL! I didn't know you could buy those banners. Great Project.