What do we still need?

Kind friends have asked me what still needs to be done.

Here's a brief list of what I'm still trying to gather:

Updated on 12/3:
- 14 books (Sudoku, novels, etc.)
- 43 Poinsettias or live plants

A few things I was considering but will probably drop:
- Picture Frames - When I was in the hospital, I loved having a picture of my family next to my bed. It made it feel like home and when the medical staff asked about my family, I could show them. There are many picture frames at Ikea in the $1-2 price range but I haven't made it down there to check them out.
- Knit Hat / Headband - Many of these women will only leave their room once a day for a wheelchair ride. It's their only chance to be outside and since it's cold, a cute hat would be both fun and practical. I think I'll learn how to knit these for next year. Anyone want to learn with me?

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brooke said...

We can cover the chapsticks. Jeff has oodles of Xbalm that we love and I think he would be willing to share.