What do we have?

My dear friend, Camille, sewed bags too. S and B wanted to be in the picture with her.

Here's a list of what we have so far for the gift bags:

Updated 12/5
- 43 gift bags handmade with Amy Butler fabric
- 43 "I can." necklaces
- 43 slipper socks
- 43 tiles with vinyl quote (Need to be assembled. I will post about these.)
- 43 cookies (Thanks to Megan for helping to get these donated!!)
- 45 draw-string bags with granola bars, bookmark and magnet
- 43 fans, chapsticks and t-shirts (I will post about these.)
- 43 card sets
- 43 nail polishes
- 35 pens
- 43 notebooks (Need a little work.)
- 43 bags of candy
- 43 lotions / body washes
- 29 books (post to come about these)

Wow! Thanks to everyone who has helped me with this. It's been a truly amazing process.

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