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Home Sweet Hospital Home - December 2008

In December 2008, I spent two weeks at the University of Utah Hospital before the birth of our twins boys. Although I had great support from Jeremy, as well as family and friends, being in the hospital during the holiday season was really difficult.

The night before the twins were born. There's a lot of baby in there!
11 lb. 6 oz to be exact.

Last year, as December approached, I wondered if there was anything I could do for women in a similar situation. I put together about a dozen gift baskets and poinsettias for high-risk pregnant mothers at the University of Utah Hospital. Many of these women come from surrounding states and don't have the local support I was lucky to have. Some of these women are in the hospital for months. In the gift baskets, I put things like: nail polish, notebooks/pens, notecard sets, Sudoku puzzle books, candy, fuzzy slipper socks, etc. as well as a little message of hope. My goal was to provide comfort to these women during a very stressful time.

This year, we're putting together 43 gift packages and poinsettias for women at both the University of Utah Hospital and IMC. Our goal is to give a package to each woman hospitalized with a high-risk pregnancy during the month of December.

I'll update this blog with photos and information about our progress.

Here are a few pictures from the twins' first few days:
Now we call him Big H but then, he was a tiny 5lb. 6 oz., 21 inch long, skinny guy.

Our big Baby B. 6lb., 20 inches

Holding our boys for the first time - 12/14/08.

One week old - 12/08

Christmas Eve 2008. We did the nativity twice so both babies could be the Baby Jesus.

One year later - 12/09

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