"I can." Necklace

As soon as I saw this posting on the talented Kelly Anne's etsy site, I knew it would be perfect for the gift bags.

The "I can." message is what I hope these women will gain from this gift. Each of these women is unique. They each have a story. They each have challenges unique to them.

Some of these women come from out of state and have no local support. Some may lose the child they are carrying. Some may spend months supporting their baby in the NICU. Some may know that their own lives are in danger during their pregnancy. I hope they know that they can.

Just as Kelly Anne put it on her etsy listing, "Whatever it is, you can do it."

Because this beautiful necklace was completely out of my price range, Kelly Anne offered to donate all of her time to make necklaces for these women. What an amazing gift of time.

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